The largest mosque in India is the Jami Masjid (Friday Mosque) in the old part of Delhi. Built by Shah Jahan, 1650-66. Photograph made from a pedicab going through the streets nearby. That evening, Terry and our family had dinner and visited with Vijay and Sarita Aggarwal in a Delhi suburb--old friends from their time in Pullman. Our inexperienced taxi driver had a terrible time finding the address, but we had a very pleasant evening's conversation. Like all the Hindus we spoke with, Vijay insisted that the recent "communal" violence had been the product of unscrupulous manipulation by politicians and that Muslims and Hindus still regarded each other as friends. We did not get to hear any Muslim opinions; but clearly educated Hindus were deeply ashamed of the violence, though a few showed signs of not entirely disapproving of the goal of tearing down some major mosques to rebuild ancient temples: they just wanted it done peacefully. Indian unity still seems a long way off.