Snake "charmers" pull the fangs of their cobras and then drug them to slow their reflexes. This one was so groggy its owner had to hold it up while he played his been, or punji, traditional raucous reed instrument of snake charmers. We ended the day by shopping. I picked up recent anglophone Indian fiction and some comics depicting episodes from the life of Krishna, based on the Ramayana. In the evening Paula, Paul Smith and I attended a marvelous vocal concert by Prabhakan Karekar, singing traditional Hindustani ragas to tabla, two tamboura players, and a harmonium. One of the tamboura players sang echoes to his phrases in a haunting manner I had never encountered before. There was a small but appreciative audience in the Shakuntalam Theater at the Exhibition Fairgrounds built by Indira Gandhi. On our way to the concert, we encountered a gorgeous wedding party accompanied by musicians as it processed into a restaurant for a lavish reception.