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                                                               “Salvation PLANET”




                                               Have sown – rises


           It just so happened that a sinister explosion at Chernobyl A E C radiation blew across the globe, so the word Chernobyl is now known throughout the world as the apocalyptic Star Wormwood. But whether all learned the lessons of Chernobyl? If we could see through the lens of his black reality of our existence and management in the world? It seems that only years later we begin to understand that all the troubles in the world engendered by the people themselves. It is gratifying that the July 23, 1998, former US Vice President Al Gore, speaking at the National Museum of Chernobyl, after a visit to Chernobyl and the dead city Pripyat, called today “a great moment of choice”, and the main lesson of Chernobyl – the need for purification. “In this sense – he said – what happened at Chernobyl should revive spiritually not only those affected by this tragedy, but all of us, if we take into account the lesson that we are all in a common bundle of Chernobyl challenge is. recognizing that our responsibility is the field of the Earth itself is probably the danger of our advanced technologies will lead us back to the ancient wisdom -. wisdom . Survival of kindness did not require it before, but it demands it now … “. Gore urged to work together to realize the highest wisdom of the world in the new laws and agreements, so that we do not split up, not disappeared, and continues in the child. So, today it is obvious that to live according to the laws of conscience – not a luxury but an urgent need. Well, that the understanding of the true causes of our troubles come and the power-haves, since the survival of the idea requires a common effort of all humanity, which has to be better.                   

           It is no coincidence that the year before it was among the former Pripyat of the Kiev club “Compatriots” was born the idea to give the world famous mournful day April 26 positive momentum that it became more and Day of Hope for the salvation of mankind, which requires an annual 10-minute (from 17.00 to 17.10 GMT) in association earthlings general aspiration to peace, harmony, love and kindness. A publication of 28/01/98 , the “Appeal to the earthlings of Chernobyl” in the newspaper “Your Health” (with the filing of one of the initiators of the action of the poet and journalist Victor Grabowski marked the beginning of the international action “saved the planet”, which is already a first step – 26 April 1998 – embraced a lot of people both in Ukraine and in America , Germany, Austria, Italy, Bulgaria, Russia … I think this was due to the gradual assimilation the main lesson of Chernobyl – that without spiritual rebirth of humanity is doomed to a global catastrophe, when the whole planet will become a “dead zone”, as our beautiful city of Pripyat ( ) . But more than six billion earthlings will have nowhere to move! ..  

          I note that the action in any case not replace the efforts of religious and spiritual, cultural, educational and socio-political organizations, but rather complements their daily work in the field of spiritual renewal, preparing the ground for fertile crops. It is not surprising that in Ukraine, the project has found support at the state level, and that the action “The Saved Planet”, as a form of spiritual unity of the nation and humanity, already supported by UNESCO, of Greenpeace, Environmental Association LEGAMVІENTE (Italy), women’s ecological association “Mutter Gegen Atomkraft “(Germany), a society of victims of the tragedy of Hiroshima” Juno “(Japan), world spiritual University Brahma Kumaris (India), Ukrainian peace Council and the Foundation of culture of Ukraine, the Union” Chernobyl “, female community Rukh, the party” green “, a considerable the number of deputies, scientists, cultural figures, representatives of the Ukrainian clergy and other countries … and now a few years of Chernobyl Appeal reprint independent media, read in churches and squares. And such action activists as Tatiana and Alexander Bezgin from Kiev not only annually publish this appeal in his newspaper “the lake”, but they are also on their funds publish leaflets and other materials stocks …

           Unfortunately, there are also a complete misunderstanding of the importance and practical significance of the action: some consider it a purely religious; other naive or declarative; and some are not serious, they say, in society too many pressing issues to deal with such “nonsense.”

           Yes, urgent problems must be addressed today, but not forgetting about tomorrow, keeping in mind that all of the most acute, urgent problems – from economic decline and growth of criminality to wars, environmental and man-made disasters – have a long tail in the past. The layers of the earth and full of aerial phenomena of human atrocities. Epidemics, disasters and other misfortunes physically and mentally dependent on these layers. That is, we sow, then reap! And you can wonder what is going on on the planet, when the consciousness of many people are still not able to rise above the everyday, bodily needs? Such a consciousness is difficult to comprehend that every thought of man changes his environment, that, apart from the body, it has a spirit, has energies that every moment create or destroy the world around him. After all, the idea to create a character. Sow a character – reap a destiny. These truths somehow not assimilated by humanity. Entering the world as destroyers, despots and haters, exploiting all weaker – we wonder why we are met by a fear and hatred of the weak strong, why even the planet itself sometimes so uncharitable to us. In fact – all the way around! In their blindness we do not see, that the hatred of the outside world – a reflection of the evil we have generated.

           Man, not thinking about the Supreme, it becomes reptile attracts lower energy. Many diseases, many killings are generated by thoughts of destruction. Thought this great gift, it is lost in ignorant actions.   We are ready to betray even Mother Earth, just not to think about the consequences of our actions and thoughts. But it is spiritual degradation and irresponsibility have brought mankind into a vicious circle of constant, urgent problems, the eternal struggle with the consequences of its own imperfection, and failure to take the path of spiritual renewal, said the Saviour more 2000 years ago. Meanwhile, only a highly spiritual humanity can overcome all the trials of the new millennium. After all, to change the world – means – to change yourself! That is why the salvation of the planet depends on each of us.

           For people who do not believe in the Higher Wisdom to pragmatic people give some provisions of the noosphere concept of the famous Ukrainian scientist, Academician VI Vernadsky, which serve as the scientific basis of the action “saved the planet.” It is no coincidence among scientists, immediately signed the “Appeal to the earthlings,” and was a follower of Academician Vernadsky DM Grodzinskiy.

           Even before World War II, VI Vernadsky wrote: “The idea of uniting all of humanity becomes a reality only in our time. It is clear that the creation of such a unity is a necessary condition for organization of the noosphere, and mankind will inevitably come to him. ” If these words are heard then how much less dark energy layers have obscured today by means of civilization Higher Forces! By the way, regarding the actual existence of the Earth’s shell, is involved in the effect of the human mind and spirit associate Vernadsky PA Florensky called it “pnevmatosferoy”.But we did not call this a thin layer of the planet, each person today

He should know that the quality of his thoughts and feelings on the direction of its action depends on everything that happens on Earth. For, as stated in the law Vernadsky:


                                          “Macrocosm – In   MICROCOSM”


           The scientist has seen the development of the biosphere as a great process, unfolding in space-time system of the Earth, which is the space-time (PT), a reflection of an even more grand processions, unfolding on the scale of the universe, the reflection of its evolution. That is, “Space sculpts the face of the earth.” In turn, the space code pathological disturbances in the Earth’s environment have a negative impact on the cosmic processes, since there is a constant interdependence of the space hierarchical circuit (CIC) and the biosphere hierarchical circuit (CIC).Forward and backward linkages include information, energy and material interactions, through which there is a hierarchical exchange of information, energy and matter. In this scheme can be maintained stable hierarchical dynamic balance (homeostasis) as separate units, and the entire circuit as a whole. This allows with one voice to address the problems of protection of the biosphere and space from pollution on a real and field levels. All types of contaminants are manifested in violation of information, energy and real structures of the CIC, and CIC, which leads to disruption of homeostasis, to change the parameters of the PX units. In a system derived from the state of dynamic balance starts pathological processes – “disease” (similar way as it happens in the human body – one of the links of the chain). There is a critical imbalance threshold, above which the inclusion of mechanisms for intensive correction level of pathology, to bring it to the values of the parameters determined by a dynamic balance condition. Processes of this kind may be unexpected (eg, for human populations), at an accelerated pace breaking all forms of information, energy , real organization CIC – CIC.

          Simply put, all the negative in the world is caused by contaminants in the physical and spiritual levels. And is it’s not obvious that we – humanity – has brought the planet to the critical threshold of imbalance?

That is why it is so important to oppose the inertia of the lack of spirituality directed, virtuous, collective energy of humanity, which is absolutely real is able to improve the condition of a thin layer of the planet, which, in turn, positively affect the moral and mental and physical health of each individual. As a result, everyone wins – and man and society, and nature, for the less will be the error is less than the consequences of unwise actions (from the household, to the process of political and planetary levels).

           Thus, the idea of spirituality is to enter into life, like a true understanding of the foundations of Being. Divine spark each person can ignite the flame at will, aspiration to merge with the Higher Will. The will also directed to the union with the Higher Will acquires the power of the magnet, capable to specify and approve a better life, drawing all the necessary energy. So, change the priority values of humanity can restore dynamic balance system of the Earth. After all, thoughts, ideas and aspirations of the people to materialize! To give just one example of the legacy of the same Academician Vernadsky, who long before the launch of the first artificial satellite of the Earth said: “We see in our social environment, natural desire of some individuals in the real dreams and action to break out of our planet, to penetrate the built devices beyond Earth, other worlds in the cosmos. This natural desire , to think, sooner or later will result in the actual results. “

             So, in the light of the scientific concept of Vernadsky, an annual international event “saved the planet” can be seen as a form of collective impact of humanity on the harmonization of the noosphere and biosphere of the Earth, one of the forms of practical modeling of the future! This is the real embodiment of a multi-year commitment of scientists to combine the achievements of science to a mass movement for peace, the scope of reason and scope of the world …

            I hope these arguments will convince even skeptics that the survival of the idea requires a spiritual healing of humanity. However, a person with a sensitive, wise-hearted need not delveinto the scientific reasoning , he understands the spiritual process as the need to live according to conscience , fostering a beneficial virtuous qualities , chief among which remained Kindness andLove (from love to the neighbor is gradually approaching to the divine Love ) .


                                             LOVE SAVES THE WORLD


            In this eternal truth laid down the basic principle of renovation of the world, the key is able to open the gates of humanity in a better future . Taking into account the judgment of thatbefore a person’s death opens the Higher Wisdom , shows a fragment of the last interviews more of our famous countryman – Opera singer Anatoly Solovyanenko : “Love must move the world! .. Beauty, Love and Virtue have to save the world, because no man can live in the environment of evil intransigence , envy , all of which creates a negative field around us. This be not be ! Andspirituality should be brought up in us … so that our children could tell then what – then the grateful words for the fact that we left them not only to Chernobyl and bad ecology , we left them hope… We must feel the thought of the need for radical change , to take care of , so that our spirit has finally dawned that he rose above it all, and said to us: – Boys! People! Where are you going?You need to go this way, that you will feel the joy of life! .. “.

            As is common with those that wrote recently in a letter one of the devotees of the action “saved the planet,” American writer Douglas Lamb: “I so much want to live in this world has become better! And I’m always amazed at the thought that it is not hard to do – just need to get all the people to respect life, respect each other and appreciate this beautiful planet! “. Douglas also said that made a copy of the stock and sent them to different social and religious organizations (first of all – Ukrainian Orthodox and Ukrainian Catholic churches in Boston), and the newspapers, including Russian and Ukrainian editions in Boston and New York City. “It’s a great idea – directed action of prayer, because God always answers prayers!” – He said, calling the action “saved the planet” planetary Day of Prayer. And this is a very precise definition!                         

           Anticipating grin skeptic, I must say, that should not be taken as an abstract notion of prayer, for prayer – the bridge that connects the human with the Higher World, lead to the Supreme Bliss. Radiation indifferent heart have fiery qualities, able to saturate and clean space. Prayer inherent properties of a strong magnet, it attracts the action from the best space and energy opportunities.

           The antipode of prayer – foul language, how , and other negative phenomena, on the contrary, creates a kind of a dark magnet, disturbing and contaminating space. Blasphemy and bad language in its consequences more dangerous anthropogenic emissions of toxic gases industries, for produce terrible spiritual destruction, not to mention the diseases associated with the violation of the atmosphere. But worst of all diseases will be the destruction of thin layers of some planetary. How many prayers and good thoughts need to fill these abysses and ulcers space!

           The power of mental energy – the mystery, which reflected the sages of all time. People finally have to realize that their energy gives great effect; that the potential of thought, trusted each, it may be used wisely and sparingly – for peace, or recklessly and wastefully – to the detriment of all things. Thus, prayer can be a great experience and evidence of the highest manifestations of the spirit, – uttering the prayer, we bring spatial favor of the world. If you are going to combine the thoughts, we are going for the common good as a high idea is akin to prayer. The idea of the benefit – a happy thought, since there are no good ideas, which would not give the best fruits. She, like lightning, piercing the lower layers in the layers rises spiritual and returns clean energy of the celestial spheres, to protect people from negative influences. That is why it is so important to everyone to awaken in the heart higher aspirations, because the energy of the space subject to the action of the powerful heart rays. The conscious attitude of each to his divine principle can lay the foundation of the New World. The awakening of spiritual forces will lead humanity out of the impasse, the spiritual improvement of the World will bring higher energy required to build a better future …

           A striking example of effective combination of high aspirations of millions of people with higher energies become our peace “orange” revolution, which is now known all over the world …The explosion of national confrontation cynical lies and criminal pressure on people pre, in and post-election techenie- – reminded me the people’s indignation against the equally cynical lies and concealment of the true consequences of the Chernobyl disaster, which was then the catalyst for real democratic changes in the USSR and its disintegration. Then, after the Chernobyl disaster, a major factor in the protest of people, “the last straw” their patience was the term “phobia”, which the authorities have branded thousands of real victims and the suffering of people .. “The last straw” patience of people is now – was the conclusion of the Central Election Commission of Ukraine results of the second round of presidential elections (because all people know how it actually was, how shamelessly and brazenly falsify been made!). However, this time the scale of the protest – was much larger and higher quality! .. Of course, we were mortally afraid for their children (always located in the heart of the action – in the “hottest spots”), because we have a very dangerous and tense situation every day, because after each new hope, the Kuchma-Yanukovych government did following a criminal move that carried a new alarm. Each day (especially every night!) They wanted to “free hand” some provocation! But they failed to do so, just due to the surprisingly peaceful and high spirits of the insurgent people and thanks to the unique vigilance of all people and of every individual! .. That power said to the world that we have a separation of people by language or territorial basis. But all of this – a lie! In fact, we had a confrontation majority of Ukrainian citizens wishing to truth and justice, arbitrary criminal authorities – opposition to decency and immorality, culture (the cult of Ur , that is Light !) And lack of culture .. What then born on Independence Square in Kiev, squares and streets of Ukraine, amazed even the most cynical people. It was – the cult of Light ..! We are all then prayed to God to immoral policy will not trampled this beautiful flower ..! And every day we thanked God for the immense happiness – again feel the power and energy comprehensive Joy Love! .. Indeed, events “orange revolution” in Ukraine showed how work can bring together people of good will in the name of Truth, Goodness and Justice. (And it is such a union of positive energy – the basis of the action “save the planet”!). Encouraged by the high aspirations of the people won through peaceful means , it is because the energy of love and truth of millions of people in Ukraine (and all those who in those days was mentally with us!) Started to work! .. By ak know, perhaps long-term joint prayer of the protesters ” Saving the planet “also made its contribution to that victory?!.          

And it was particularly gratifying that the first item on the program of the new government of Ukraine has become a spiritual revival of society. Unfortunately, politicians have not met the expectations of the people. Yet high energy Maidan will remain in the hearts of the people of that unquenchable spark of love and freedom, thanks to which Ukraine will be truly civilized, democratic and prosperous   European state.   The main thing that has designated the right priorities. And we believe that if the prayers and aspirations of the people will be united in this direction, the Lord will help us again! ..


                                            The DIO VEDE the DIO PROVVEDE


            “God knows – God will provide,” – said of the action “saved the planet,” Professor Hugo Percy from the University of Bergamo ( http 😕 // rubrica = 1 & persona = 504 = nome Ugo & & Cognome = Persi & titolo = Prof ) , who translated the “Appeal to the earthlings” in Italian and gave his environmental LEGAMBIENTE Association (environment League) having centers in 15 Italian cities. A first active devotees of this idea from the University of Washington Professor Paul Brians ( ) , who back in 1998 put the “Appeal” in on its website (, and professor Birgitta Ingemanson continue to spread the “Appeal to the earthlings” and a poster with an invitation to the next meeting on April 26 at 9:00 am local time (in my university library or on Friendship Square, the Moskov for Idaho, USA) and asking those who can not come at the appointed hour mind to join the action. Birgitta Ingemanson telling how faithfully responded to the call for unity positive energy urban residents Pullman and Moskov For , quotes a passage from a letter Rozidzha David his father: “Thank you for the invitation to join you on the Day of Memory and Hope. I will be happy to hold a prayer service on April 26 … This is a noble cause. In the words of our poet Tenison: “The more cases, the more prayers – and we will tear the dream world from the shackles of indifference …”.

           But in 2000, he responded to the “Handling of Chernobyl” Debra Schubert from Spring’s Lake Michigan, USA: “My mind and my heart filled with pain at the thought of Chernobyl and of how many evil people do to each other?!. But amidst all this tragedy I hear your words Cards and Love … From now on, every year on April 26 at a specified hour, I and my family will join Vseplanetarnoy prayer. We will pray for the salvation of our planet. Perhaps all of us together manage to beg forgiveness for our unrighteous deeds, and to go back to all that is good and righteous. The world – with you! “.

Another propagandist “saving the planet” in the   US, a student of the University of Wyoming Kim Hєnri, also found in his time “Title of Chernobyl” on the   Web pages of Professor Paul Braynsa, responded to him with her poem “Life”: ” You asked me about the whole world dark . I quietly turn to you and inform you that in this darkness there shines an amazing diamond, found in the heart of the black night. Exciting, illuminating light of the two truths – try to gently touch each: Love that elevates and adds strength and beauty – the captive soul music that fills our minds sweet heartbeat of life itself … The only question is: where wants to be your heart, and that looking for your soul … you asked me … “ .

            A Doctor of Science from John Griffiths, the Pontiklun United Kingdom of Great Britain (UK), in 1999 discovered the “Appeal to the Earthlings” on the Internet, introduced to him the parishioners of St. Paul’s Church, which has pushed people to raise funds for the invitation of Belarusian children Pontiklun in the summer rest and treatment. Also on April 25, 1999 in the Church of St. Paul held Sunday service, dedicated to the 13th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, during which was read and handed to each parishioner text “Appeal” so that all the inhabitants of the city every year on April 26, the appointed hour to join the common prayer of earthlings.

           Similar prayers are taking place in Germany, where   every year a growing number of religious, environmental and community organizations supporting the action, what report ecologists Johanna Shuhmayer and Susanne Henning of Myunhenhenskogo ecological association ” Mutter Gegen Atomkraft ” ( “Mothers Against Nuclear Energy”), and also one of the first active promoters of the project, professor of the Kiev Polytechnic University Omelchuk OS. Olga attracted to this project my friends in Germany: former Minister of Culture of the GDR Oswald Vutske; Tatyana Ignatovich-Nitsch, who takes care of “Red Cross” in Cologne; Pastor Marian Kvakborner   of Frankfurt; Manfreta Boerle, coordinating the efforts of the association “Man and the Environment”; Mariana Ostrovsku of Braunschweig, which reported that the congregation of the city “Title of Chernobyl” read Pastor Johann Con. In addition, it is connected to the action of its students, as well as a teacher of Ukrainian literature of the Kiev State University. Taras Shevchenko, Doctor of Philology, Anatoly Tkachenko ( ) , and Doctor of Psychology of Moscow University Adolph Harrache, and Deputy Director of the Library Novosibirsk State University Lyudmila Distanova ( ) . Last year, they were joined by teachers and students of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy ( ) . That is, formed a kind of spiritual connection thread between the university students of American States, Washington, and Wyoming, University of Bergamo, Italy, and students of Russian and Ukrainian universities. In addition, Russia “saving the planet” is actively supported by: a famous writer Grigory Medvedev ( ) and author of a cycle of films about Chernobyl (including the film “Threshold”: http : // ) – Rollan Sergienko, whose latest film “Chernobyl 2001. Will” ( ) ends with “Appeal Chernobyl victims to earthlings. ” The famous film director hopes that the voice of the dead Pripyat will be heard by mankind .  

           In Asia, a project supported by the World Spiritual University of Brahma Kumaris (India) and the Society of the victims of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima “Juno” (Japan). In addition, the Japanese “hibakusi” together with former Pripyaters of the Kiev club “Countrymen” and their friends from Germany are planning a number of additional projects in the action “The Saved Planet”.   Thai Natchapton Manakisha Pripyat also assures that they are not alone   in the quest to help   the planet – he and his friends wholeheartedly support them.   A chief editor of the “Journal of the Central Tolstoy” Michael Ozmitel Bishkek two years ago published the proceedings of the shares in the pages of the electronic version of the magazine ( ) .

          Students Juha Tolonen (from Australia) and Katya de Brun (from Finland), last year visited the Chernobyl zone and dead Pripyat Pripyat also assured that they, together with their friends will certainly join the action “The Saved Planet”.   Following this news arrived in New Zealand from Solveig Bodley, who said that she, her entire extended family and friends every year April 26 will connect the energy of their hearts with the hearts of all the energy of wanting a better future for our long-suffering planet Earth. April 26, 2004 they were joined by a professor at the University of Dallas US-Romanik Debra Baldwin and her students. And here is how to respond to the action Natalia Fernandez ( ) – professor at the Free University of Barcelona (Spain): “I would like to translate your work into Spanish, because, in my opinion, it should be known throughout the world as a way to help humanity become truly humane! .. “.  

           So geography “saved the world” increasingly expanding. However, this important event will be full with considerable practical effect only when cover most of humanity. It is clear that this requires the combined efforts of all public, governmental and international organizations and all people of good will.

          Do share weighting Vseplanetarnoy Day of Prayer pick up later this year or in the next few years depends just on you, dear reader! – Tell me about her family, friends and acquaintances to read them, “Appeal to the earthlings.” And 26 April (every year!) From 20.00 to 20.10 Moscow time (17.00 – 17.10 GMT), the heat of the candles, join it – family or friends, or in the temple alone with God and his conscience. Will feel, at least a few minutes, a single God’s family, where everyone is responsible for everyone and for the state of our common home – the Earth! And, God willing, we will deserve a better life.


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