(Duiker 156-180)


Questions from Duiker: *By what time had humans penetrated almost to the tip of South America? For how long did Teotihuacan flourish? What was the penalty for losing in a Mayan ball game? *How did the Spanish react to the Mayan books they encountered? *What were three of the products that Bernal Díaz observed being sold in the great market at Tenochtitlán? *What were the different roles for men and women defined by the Aztec midwife ritual chants? *What were some of the impressive construction projects created by the Incas? What is a quipu?

Lecture outline
Early immigration across land bridge to
western hemisphere
Anasazi cliff-dwellers
Raised bed agriculture
Ceremonial cities, pyramids
Religion: human sacrifice & the
ball game
Chili peppers
Beans, Squash
Calendar, Astronomy, Codices

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