(Duiker 290-301; Brians 199-203; optional: 189-193)


Questions about Duiker: What country ruled Vietnam for a thousand years? What is the significance of the myth of Iazanagi and Izanami? *Why is Shotoku Taishi important in Japanese history? What aspects of the selections from the “Seventeen-Article-Constitution” stress obedience and hierarchy? *What are the main characteristics of Shinto?

Question about Japanese Creation Myth: How does this story reflect the sense of its creators that Japan is the most important place in the world?

Questions about The Tale of Genji: *How is it possible for Genji to make love with a woman whose identity he does not know? What characteristics do the selection from The Tale of Genji in Duiker on p. 307 and the one in your reader have in common?

Lecture notes:
Geography & Agriculture
The Ainu
Jomon culture
Dates and major accomplishments
Chinese influence
Religion, law, language, arts
Major themes, influence on architecture
Nara Period
Heian Era
Lady Murasaki: The Tale of Genji

Supplementary materials:

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