(Duiker 314-323; Brians 237-241)

Questions about Duiker: How did a deacon prove that the Arians were wrong in their beliefs, according to the account of Gregory of Tours? *What was the ideal of the early Christian monks? What sort of ideal did Benedict’s rule create for monks? *What were the most important achievements of Charlemagne? *What did a vassal gain from his lord, and a lord from his vassal?

Question about “The Will of Wulfgyth:” *In what ways does this will illustrate the power of women in Anglo-Saxon society?

Question about The Song of Roland: Why does Roland try to destroy his sword? *With what gesture does he symbolize his feudal obedience to God?

Lecture topics:
The Fall of Rome & the Rise of
Major figures
The Dark Ages: definition and causes
Monastic system: major influences
Major accomplishments, influence on the arts
The Norman Invasion
Significance for English history
Feudal System
Basic structure and themes
Cult of the Saints
Quasi-polytheistic beliefs
Emphasis on the miraculous
Influence on art
The Romanesque Style
Basic characteristics

Supplementary Materials

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