(Duiker 182-194; Brians 210-217)

*Map Quiz on map 7.2 in Duiker, p. 190.

Questions about Duiker: What is the Ka’aba? What was Muhammad’s attitude toward Judaism and Christianity? Why is the significance of the Hegira to Medina in Muslim history? *What are the five pillars of Islam? *Compare the relationship of Muhammad to God in Islam with that of Jesus to God in traditional Christianity. What evidence supports the claim that Islam was not forced upon the people conquered by the Arabs? Why is Saladin famous?

Questions about the Qur’an: What quality of God is especially praised in “The Opening?” *What three duties are specifically given the believer at the end of the passage from “The Forenoon?” What does Sura 2 say is the fate of idol-worshippers? What blessings are promised the saved in Sura 38? *What restrictions are placed on polygamy in Sura 4? What defines “people of the book?” What are said to the be characteristics of good Jews? What aspects of traditional Christianity are accepted in the selection on p. 216? *What Christian belief is rejected? On what condition will God be merciful to those who fight against Muslims?

Lecture topics:
Founder of Islam
Contrast his role with Jesus’ in
Teachings of Islam
The Five Pillars
Mecca & the Ka’aba
Women’s roles
Sequestration neither universal nor
particularly Islamic
Veiling not required, though modest
dress is
The Qur’an
Considered literally the word of God
Equal emphasis on Allah’s mercy and
Importance of charity
Sunnis and Shi’ites
Major differences
Muslim art & architecture
Major features of mosques: Minbar, Mihrab
Abstraction in art
Persian miniatures

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