(Duiker 90-96: Brians 52-58)

Questions about Duiker: *How did the geography of Greece tend to encourage Greek communities to be fiercely independent? *Where did the Minoan civilization arise? What were the main characteristics of Mycenaean civilization? What were the titles of the two most famous Greek epic poems? *Why was Homer so important to the Greeks?

Questions about Homer: The Odyssey, “Odysseus & the Cyclops”: Why is it so easy for Odysseus to get the cyclops drunk? What is the point of Odysseus telling Polyphemos that his name is “Nobody?”*How does Odysseus manage to escape Polyphemos? *What character traits can you deduce from Odysseus’ actions and words besides his obvious cleverness? Explain your answer. Lecture topics:

Lecture topics:
Minoan Civilization
The Gods
The Trojan War
The Odyssey
Supplementary materials:

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