KONYA: Konya is a huge city, and it takes a long time to get from the otogar by taxi (even if your driver is honest--we ran into both kinds in Konya). A very inexpensive green trolley can take you from your bus to downtown, but it's slow and crowded. A good choice for backpackers with plenty of time; but we took a taxi. We chose the luxurious Hotel Bera since we were going to spend only one night. Here's the view out our hotel window at dusk. Konya is a conservative city and not very friendly to tourists (whenever possible, get the hotel staff to summon a cab for you). Most women cover their hair here, unlike in the areas we visited earlier, and many also veiled their faces. We were stared at as oddities on the street and many of the people we dealt with were as grouchy as a New York City cabdriver.