Conservative Ideas about Socialism and Communism:

Communism is a secret conspiracy.

The Communists want to take over the whole world.

Communism is the opposite of democracy.

Communists wanted to weaken our culture with experimental literature, abstract art, dissonant music, and sexual freedom.

Communism could never work because it goes against human nature. People are naturally more competitive than cooperative.

All socialists are Communists.

Socialist and Communist Ideas about Capitalism:

Capitalists and capitalist states are always motivated by economic considerations.

Capitalists promote war to increase profits.

Capitalists commodify and simplify culture.

Capitalists despoil the environment.

Socialism is more appropriate in underdeveloped countries than Capitalism.

Capitalist ideals:

The free market brings better goods at lower prices, so restraints on the free market all bad for all.

The spread of Capitalism means the spread of freedom.

Everyone has equal opportunity under capitalism.

Privatizing services makes them more responsive.

Communist ideals:

Socialist planning can stabilize the economy and develop it in a rational manner.

People can be trained to value common property as much as their own private property.

Centralized socialist states can evolve into democratic communitarian societies.

Socialist governments with strong democratic traditions regulating mixed economies can avoid the problems of traditional Marxist governments.

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