(Brians 233-236, 246-249)

Questions on the Medieval Lyric Poetry and Music: *In the anonymous 13th Century Franciscan hymn to Mary: Stabat mater dolorosa, what experience does the narrator want to share with Mary? Why? In The Wife’s Lament, why is the woman unhappy? *In Omittamus Studia (p. 246) what is the poet’s reaction to the shortness of life? *What seems to be the attitude of the Comtessa de Dia toward her husband? *What qualities does she say her lover possesses? *What is a “dawn song?” Why was outdoor lovemaking often resorted to in the Middle Ages?

Lecture outline:
Most famous writers: Dante Aligheri
& Geoffrey Chaucer
Main themes in secular poetry
Typical musical instruments
The evolution of music notation
Evolution of Monophonic into
polyphonic music
Major religious and secular themes
in texts


A Medieval music manuscript

Supplementary materials:s

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