(Duiker 336, 338-344; Brians 231-232, 258-265)

Questions about Duiker & Brians: *What are the main differences between Romanesque and Gothic cathedrals? *What were the main results of the Black Death? *Why is Joan of Arc famous?

Question about Hildegard of Bingen: *What are the main reasons that Hildegard is famous? *Explain the meaning of one of the images in Hildegard’s “Hymn to the Virgin.”

Question about “The Black Death:” *In what ways does the pious Jean de Venette feel that the plague years were actually better than those which followed?

Lecture topics:
Chivalry (Très riches heures du Duc de Berry)
Major themes
Influence on religion (Cult of Mary)
Hildegard of Bingen
Women at work (variety of occupations)
The Gothic Cathedrals
Major stylistic traits

Supplementary materials:

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