(Duiker 327-335; Brians 250-254)


Questions about Duiker: *What were the main obligations of serfs toward their lords? What was the staple of the peasant diet? What was their most common drink? *How were medieval cities governed? What were the functions of the craft guilds? *Give an example of the power of the Pope over secular rulers. *What was the function of the Holy Office? *What were the main characteristics of Romanesque churches?


Questions about The Inferno: *According to Virgil, what sort of sin is being punished in this passage? In what symbolic way are they punished?

Lecture topics:
The Catholic Church asserts its power
Importance of afterlife
Wealth & reaction (St. Francis)
Jeanne d’Arc: her significance
Rise of cities
Role of mercantilism
Italian communes
Dante: The Divine Comedy
The Black Death: immediate &
long-range impacts

Supplementary materials:

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