(Duiker: 22-28)

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Questions about Duiker: *Why is the alphabet of the Phoenicians important? *Why is Solomon famous? *Why was the Hebrew temple in Jerusalem important? What effect did the Assyrians have on the Hebrews? What effect did the Chaldeans have on them? What effect did the Persians have on them? *What are the main characteristics of Jewish conceptions of God? *How did the prophets transcend Jewish separateness to embrace a concern for all humanity?

Lecture topics:
Origins of the Hebrews
Traditions about Abraham,
Conquest of Canaan
Evidence of influence of
Canaanites on Hebrews
The Kingdom of Israel
Major characteristics of the principal
kings of the united kingdom
Division and Fall of the Kingdom
When conquered and by whom
What happened to the exiles?
Exile and Return
Influence of Zarathustrianism on Judaism
Jews and Seleucids
Oppression and revolt
Jews and Rome
Subjection by Rome, continued tension
Judaism in the First and Second Centuries
Messianism, the Bar Kochba
The Diaspora

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